About me


My name is Lana Orton, and my trade name is Orton Web Consulting. I have been involved in web development, internet marketing, project and client management for more than a decade, both as an employee and as a consultant.

I am a hard working, people-oriented internet addict.
Luckily for me, all my work is done on the internet.

What could you expect from me?

You can expect a reply to your enquiries within a day, and your calls to be returned within a few hours, if, by any chance, I miss them.

You can expect that any small tasks will get completed the same day. I don’t mind working in the evenings or on weekends and I pride myself on being fast and prompt in executing your tasks and requests.

You can expect clear and transparent time-tracking, and invoices that reflect only the time spent, not quoted, unless I used up more time then estimated, in which case I only charge for the estimated time.

You can expect a professional approach to work, and a relaxed approach to communication. After all, we are all humans, and human interaction is something that is often missing from today’s business environment.


Formal education is not everything. Often, experience and good reasoning will give better results than dry application of learned facts, but combined with a good knowledge base they are the key to success.

Below is the ever-growing list of the courses that I attended and certificates I obtained.