constructions I want a website, how much will it cost? - …that’s what it sounds like when a client comes with an unclear idea of what he wants, asking for a quote. It is not always easy to get one’s finger on something one knows little about, and clients often need to do extensive research before even starting to think about their website’s needs and target …
Love Robert Bejil Photography-small Condom errors - Post after post, we keep mentioning condoms as the best protection from unwanted pregnancy and STD-s. And that’s not all, since they also stop the sperm from getting in touch with the vaginal flora and changing its microbial balance.
kegels Kegel Exercises - Back in the 1940s, the gynaecologist Arnold Kegel recognised the benefit that pelvic floor muscle exercises can have for women with urinary incontinence problems. Since then, these exercises have proven beneficial for many other medical conditions: anal incontinence, hemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapse…
commuting-in-london Commuting in London - Commuting in big cities can be really troublesome. As someone who has recently moved to London, I find its public transport fun: as long as I am not late or spending hours stuck on the wrong train, I enjoy discovering different parts of town and different transport options.
near-shore-outsourcing Outsourcing! Near-shore! - There are several reasons for outsourcing services, including, among others, a lack of expertise within your company in a certain field. However, the main reason companies decide to go off-shore is, of course, money.
conference-meeting Day-to-day Scrum activities - It's day-to-day activities that contribute the most to the success of a Sprint, and of the entire Scrum, and all parties involved should do their best to keep the pace of work at its maximum throughout the project.
scrum-agile-and-incremental-development How about – Scrum? - Sometimes, even if the project deadline is far away, or if the milestones are all reached in time, the continuous work on the same project can make you loose touch with reality, make you feel dull and repetitive. In these cases, the perfect development method to embrace is Scrum - the agile development framework.
bored-site-user Call-to-action: MAKE IT WORK! - Every site needs a planned funnel that will lead visitors towards an action. One of the main problems in web design is making call-to-action buttons satisfy the designers need for beauty, the client's need for prominence, and the site visitors' (consumers') hunger.
opensource-cms What makes a good CMS - I'm giving you a list. I'm just writing down everything with which I had problems in various Content Management Systems. Although, my programming teacher used to say: why are you trying to reinvent the wheel?
which-costs-more Shades of grey in CMS: open source vs proprietary - Having worked for 7 years in Omnicom, whose proprietary CMS, Omnicom Content Platform (OCP), plays a very important role in its business model, I should write a strongly opinionated article about how good proprietary software is.
is-writing-the-way-to-go Is writing the way to go? - My grandfather was a literature professor and a writer. He wrote many books of which, to my shame, I have read very few. My mother writes textbooks for the subjects she teaches at her faculty. I have read none of them either.
make-yourself-heard 0 reasons not to care about SEO - Of course there are 0 reasons. If you are using the internet to write just for yourself, then you might as well just save a file on your computer. Believe me: if you don’t optimise your site for search engines, it will be seen by few more people than if it was locally stored on your machine.
the-end-of-a-chapter The end of a chapter - A friend of mine, at the beginning of each year, prepares a resumé of all the good things, events and people, that happened around her in the previous year. She, then, sends it to her friends’ emails, and makes that time remembered by all.
canvas Design: pictures vs words - When you think about design, you think about pictures. You plan positions, shapes and colours for the best possible effect. You plan fonts and spacing for the best readability. And then you leave the words to someone else.
smartphone-types Native, HTML5 or hybrid apps? - We all agree that mobile is not the future, but the present, right? But do you know what kind of mobile application you need? In this text, I’ll sum up all the pros and cons of each of them: native, HTML5 and hybrid apps.
how-mobile-are-you How mobile are we? - We live fast. We work fast. Always and everywhere. Do you do work on your phone? Other people do too. Bear that in mind for your next website design. Your web presence has to be adapted for every device. Whether you have a web shop, a small or big company, news website or blog, there is no excuse for not making it responsive, like everything nowadays should be.