Oktal Pharma (Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia)

The collaboration with Oktal Pharma (Serbia) started in 2011, when my only duties were blogging, website maintenance and social media management for Multi-Gyn. Soon after, I redesigned the blog, which I have since redesigned twice more. An additional project was added to my list of tasks: a blog to address feminine topics and promote the Multi-Gyn brand in Bosnia and Croatia. This site was updated with a new post every few days, and then promoted on the Multi-Gyn Facebook pages for Croatia and Bosnia.

For a long time my work was primarily focused on designing visuals for different brands for use in social media campaigns, as well as on websites.

Since the end of 2015 I am also in charge of Eau Thermale Avene, where I first worked on the website launch and subsequently on its administration and social media management.