popPurple Orchid Pharma (previously HG Services) (United Kingdom)

I have been working with Purple Orchid since 2013. My duties include website design, marketing planning, social media management and blogging. Products that I am, or have previously been, in charge of, include:

  • Multi-Gyn line (blog design and development, blogging, social media management and website administration)
  • Multi-Mam line (blogging, social media management and website administration)
  • Androferti (social media management and website administration)
  • Gepan Instill (website design, development and administration, social media management)
  • Loyon (website design, development and administration, social media management)
  • Hyalofemme (website administration and social media management)
  • Multi-Oral line (website administration and social media management)

In addition, I have designed and developed a number of websites, that I still maintain and write for.


I am also the responsible person for the company’s GDP.

Pure Consulting (Belgium)

Pure is a graphic and web design company with which I have been doing web development or web maintenance in WordPress, OpenCart and Shopify. Projects include:


Oktal Pharma (Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia)

The website was developed for the Bosnian and Croatian market, to address feminine topics and promote the Multi-Gyn brand. Apart from designing and developing the website, I was the main blogger for a several months.

Besides, I maintain the Bosnian and Croatian Multi-Gyn websites on request.

Oktal Pharma (Serbia)

The collaboration with Oktal Pharma started in 2011, when my only duties were blogging, website maintenance and social media management for Multi-Gyn. Soon after, I redesigned the blog, which I have since redesigned twice more. My work is currently mostly focused on designing visuals for different brands for use in social media campaigns, as well as on websites. I am still occasionally writing and managing websites when required. The brands include:

  • Multi-Gyn line
  • Multi-Mam line
  • Dianatal
  • Hei-Poa
  • Bronhostop
  • Enterosgel
  • Biocult
  • Revitalens
  • Deep relief
  • Cerustop
  • Normison
  • Eva/q
  • Noni
  • Sinomarin

Most of the activity is now focused on the project , while only occasional tasks relate to specific brand pages or websites.

Since the end of 2015 I am also in charge of Eau Thermale Avene, where I first worked on the website launch and subsequently on its administration and social media management.

pill-glideMedicines by Design
(United Kingdom)

A long lasting collaboration with Medicines by Design includes design and development of the, and in more recent time the brand facebook page administration too. I have also occasionally helped maintain website, as well as helping the site being transferred from one hosting to another.

Verus (United States)

One of my first web development projects, redesign and development of two websites. Additionally, I was asked to provide copy for two different departments of the company.

Nobu Baby (United Kingdom)

My work includes social media management and occasional copy-writing. NoBu’s facebook page is adapted for English speaking audience, and currently aimed at the American market.

BioClin (Netherlands)

Apart from working on Bioclin’s products for 4 different countries, I also had occasional copy-writing projects, creating texts that were later included in the new website design for Multi-Mam and Multi-Gyn sites in English.

crystal-dermaCrystal Derma (Serbia)

In 2014 I redesigned Crystal Derma’s website, and have been in charge of its administration since. I am also managing their Facebook page and creating visuals for all their digital advertising.

Novak Djokovic Foundation (Serbia)

I was the administrator of Novak Djokovic Foundation blog for a year, before the site was redesigned.

Omnicom Solutions (Serbia)

After 6 years of working in Omnicom, most of it on a project management position, I have continued my collaboration with them, first as a blogger, and later on as a representative in the UK. I worked on web development projects such as Nivea, the Serbian National Assembly, Delegation of the European Commission in both Serbia and Montenegro, USAID Serbia, Petrohemija, Coca-Cola, Nestle, American Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

2Buy1Click (United Kingdom)

Upon moving to the UK, I have taken a consultancy role in a web development company 2Buy1Click, managing a team of programmers and designers on various projects. The collaboration lasted close to a year.

S333 (United Kingdom)

While working in Omnicom, I have been involved in a web design project for S333 Architecture+Urbanism, and have later on continued my work with them, mainly on website maintenance.

I have also been involved in a number of family or friends’ projects.