What I do well, and am glad to provide

  • IT project management
  • Website development (front and back-end development)
  • Website regular backup and maintenance
  • Responsible Person for GDP
  • Blogging to topics such as pharmacy, healthcare, children and education, IT, social media and technology. In two languages: English and Serbian.
  • Site administration in CMS-s such as WordPress, Dupal, OCP, Joomla, TextPattern, SiteCore, Digiself, Magento… any, really.
  • Social media marketing: strategy development and execution, with ROI
  • Brand building – following strict guidelines¬†for social media interactions and website development,¬†in line with the brand book and design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • IT consultancy: SEO and social media, troubleshooting of IT related problems
  • Beta testing
  • Translation: English to Serbian and Serbian to English; Italian to both English and Serbian, but not the other way
  • Website analytics and advice
  • Training and knowledge sharing: training sessions, video tutorials, screenshot guides. I would always rather teach you how to do something, than do it for you several times (although, for the right price, I would gladly do it over and over again).

What I do slightly worse, but know people who know it better

  • Mobile applications development
  • Design
  • Server optimisation
  • Writing website copy for small and medium businesses

What I don’t do, and would prefer not to be asked

  • Blogging to topics such as real estate market, economy, politics or law
  • Accountancy
  • Working free of charge