Website maintenance

Do you have a business to run, and your website is just one more burden? Would you like to minimise the time spent working on your site, in order to do something more productive? Do you get a headache every time your site notifies you of new security updates that you need to install, knowing that after each new update you have to check your entire site to make sure it’s all still working correctly? Do you delay posting about promotions, discounts and events – until they are almost over – because you are too busy organising them? Are you aware that your site’s search engine visibility depends hugely on regular updates, but you simply can’t find time to keep on top of it?

I can help. I will happily maintain your website, making sure the back-end system and plugins are up to date, making changes as per your requests, managing online stores, publishing new articles, ads, promotions… With guidance and input I can write and publish blog posts, find suitable pictures, or photoshop your existing ones. I proud myself on being fast and prompt in replying – so you can rest assured that anything small will be published the same day.

Over the years I have worked in many CMSs and eCommerce solutions, and am a proficient user of several of them: WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, OCP, Shopify… If your site is on a system I have not previously encountered, I would be eager to learn as I go – charging only for the estimated time as if I was working in a more familiar environment.